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"How can I express my gratitude for your kindness in helping me in this moment? The session was amazing because I could feel the amelioration of my stomach issues. I could feel the pain disappear – which was strange because the pain was so strong before that I thought “I don’t remember how it is in my body without this pain!!” I was able to sleep (short but good). I woke up feeling very strong and it stayed all day long: very energetic and mentally clear, all perfect! We still have a lot of work ahead, but I still feel strong."
Léopoldine W., France


"HelioSol is an extremely powerful healing system and I have experienced almost instantaneous transformation after receiving a session. Following the sudden loss of my father I was finding it difficult to sleep and was having panic attacks but this quickly settled down after a treatment. For anyone who would like to shift their bodymind to a more balanced state I really could not recommend this highly enough."
Sarah C., UK


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