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Introduction to the HelioSol System for Practitioners of Other Modalities

"I learned so much. Taking it a second time really helped me to understand it better... I loved the people that I took the course with and had so much fun with them.

It is a very beautiful healing system that is very powerful and I just really enjoy using it. Awesome class."

Valerie A., Canada


"I find HelioSol transformative, revolutionary and amazing. It is so simple, yet so profound. I love using this system and my clients love this system as well. They feel the changes deeply.

I feel so grateful to Sylvia for having created this system. I just love it!"

Valerie A., Canada

"The energy of the course was very calm and peaceful. I also received additional useful information from the participants, which was quite helpful for me to learn further.

The experience during the practice session with one of the participants was quite an impressive one...

My face skin condition (a symptom like atopic dermatitis which appeared recently) has been improving after Sylvia's demo session.

I also tried a HSS session yesterday for my mother, who suffered from left shoulder ache for a few weeks. She said this morning the pain has decreased a lot.

I would like to continue practicing HSS and would like to learn further.

Rumiko O., Japan

"I'm extremely happy that I took your course.
It is very simple and straightforward. I have right away started giving sessions. I hope to do more advanced courses and gain more experience.
Of all the different healing modalities that I have done, this is most simple and straight forward, of course with the best possible instructor!
The addition of unconditional love makes it unique."

Jayanthi B., Singapore


The Art of Practice

This course was interesting and enjoyable – it was quite different to all the other courses. There was a lot of interaction, ideas, and activities. After completing the course, I realised that up to this point I hadn’t given much thought to starting up this kind of work as a business.

Sylvia goes through all the practical things you need to do, step by step, and actually gets you started on several aspects of setting things up and getting organised. You come away from this course with a good grasp of what it takes and what’s involved in setting up a practice in this line of work.

Peter O., Ireland

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