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The following course descriptions pertain to the recorded HelioSol theory courses available via subscription from this website. Besides being a part of the HelioSol System curriculum, these courses may also be taken by anyone with an interest in these subjects.


Note: Before you can purchase a subscription to the course you would like to study, you will be required to either set yourself up as a member or log in as a member - this will happen after you have clicked on the Purchase Now button on the Course Subscriptions page. Once a member, you will have access to all your courses under the Your Courses tab for a period of 6 months.

Foundational Philosophy Cover.png

Foundational Philosophy (Core Course)

The HelioSol System does not belong to any particular school of philosophy. The foundation of the system consists of a blend of western and eastern thinking. It is important to understand this foundation in order to appreciate the design and functional approach that the system takes for supporting the inborn healing ability and potential for change that everyone possesses.   
In this course you will learn:

  • The worldview that the system is based on

  • The relationship of “Atman/Soul/Spirit” to “Absolute/Universal Consciousness/Zero-Point field”

  • What linear thinking is 

  • What role personal beliefs play in making judgments

  • Emotional attachments to beliefs being the cause of “problems”

  • Right/wrong and good/bad as illusions

  • Circle thinking as a solution 

  • Vertical thinking as a tool in sessions


This course consists of approximately 3.6 hours of video lectures and a downloadable manual.

Course fee: $199.00 CAN

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F. Concerns and Concepts.png

Foundational Concerns and Concepts (Core Course)

Concerns are what a client complains about at the beginning of the session or what their innate intelligence indicates needs to be addressed. Concepts are the client’s attachments to beliefs that act as the triggers for creating imbalances in the bodymind or in life in general. The following topics, that appear under Concerns and Concepts on the Master Chart, will be covered:

  • Body, Symptoms, Chakras, Meridians, Meridian Clock, Microcosmic Orbit, Qi, Yin/Yang, Emotions, Conscious, Subconscious, Subsubconscious, Multilevel, Current Lifetime, Control, Experiences, Fear, Guilt, Love, Symbolic


This course consists of approximately 9 hours of video lectures, a downloadable manual, and 6 downloadable charts.

Course fee: $349.00 CAN

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Foundational Templates.png

Foundational Templates (Core Course)

Templates are frequencies that are generated from the observations of the practitioner that are transmitted to the client via biophotons. Then, through resonance, the client’s corresponding frequencies are shifted. This results in the client’s innate healing abilities taking over and making improvements in their illnesses, symptoms, or life circumstances. 
In this course you will learn the following templates:

  • BHEMA, Support, Sleep, Light Frequency, Colour Frequency, Sound Frequency, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Pain, Brain Stabilization, Post-Traumatic Stress, Neutralize, Vertical Time, Free Energy, Agape Love, Other


This course consists of approximately 6 hours of video lectures, a downloadable manual, and 2 downloadable charts.

Course fee: $249.00 CAN

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More Templates.png

More Templates (Continuing Course)

​​This course presents these 13 more templates on the HelioSol Master Chart: Circulation, Homeostasis, Repair, Epigenetic/DNA, Microbiome, Strengthen, Break-Up, Disentanglement, Holographic Blueprint, Rejuvenation, and Transmutation.


This course consists of approximately 3.6 hours of video lectures, a downloadable manual, and one downloadable chart.

Course fee: $199.00 CAN

To purchase (as Continuing Course 1) click here.

Additional Templates Butterfly.jpg

Additional Templates (Continuing Course)

This course presents these 14 additional templates on the HelioSol Master Chart: Tensegrity, Add, Complementary Connections, Connect and Communicate, Optimization, Sequencing, Connective Tissue Release, Detoxification, Remove, Zero-Point Zipper, Realignment, Rebirth, Reprogram/Rewire, and Quantum Leap.

​This course consists of approximately 4.5 hours of video lectures, a downloadable manual, and one downloadable chart.

Course fee: $199.00 CAN

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cover pic of MC&C.jpg

More Concerns and Concepts (Continuing Course)

This course goes over 13 more topics that are found under the Concerns and Concepts columns on the HelioSol Master Chart: Morphogenic Fields, Subtle Bodies, Five Senses, Archetypes, Atman/Soul, Karma, Soul Retrieval, Vanishing Twin, Historical Lifetime, Activity, Culture, Religious, and Work.

This course is available as a series of recorded lectures (approximately 3.9 hours total) with a downloadable manual and several charts.

Course fee: $199.00 CAN

To purchase (as Continuing Course 4) click here.

A&P cover.jpg

Anatomy and Physiology (Continuing Course)

This self-paced course is designed for people who do not have a background in basic human biology or who are interested in refreshing their previous knowledge. It consists of 3 modules: the lectures are in audio mp3 format and each module has its own manual, learning activities and self-quizzes that are downloadable.

  • A&P 1 covers the following systems: nervous (central and peripheral), endocrine, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive.

  • A&P 2 covers the following systems: integumentary, skeletal, articular, muscular, circulatory (cardiovascular and lymphatic) and immune. 

  • A&P 3 covers elementary biochemistry, the typical cell, action of genes, cell division, physiology of various mechanisms (energy production, muscle contraction, intercellular communication and cell memory), tissues, special sensory organs (eye and ear), human development, aging and principles of pathophysiology. ​

Students may also elect to write an exam at the end of each module (the exam fee is included in the price of the course) and those who pass the exams will meet the International BodyTalk Association's anatomy and physiology requirement towards advanced certification.

Students have 2 years to complete this course.

Course fee: $499.00 CAN

To purchase (as Continuing Course 3) click here.


Conducting Distance Sessions (mp4)

This course is useful for practitioners of all complementary healing modalities. The information will help you expand your client base and increase your income by offering remote sessions. The course covers the benefits of conducting distance sessions, the science behind how they work (at least the most recent plausible theories!), and how to set yourself up practically. By including distance sessions in your practice, you will be reaching many more people who are seeking your type of expertise.


This course consists of approximately 1 hour of audio lecture.

Course fee: $25.00 CAN

To purchase click here.