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Sylvia uses a gentle, complementary energy based approach to health and healing that is non-invasive and safe. Not only does this approach assist the bodymind in its natural ability to heal, it also helps you to reach your fullest potential.  During this Covid-19 period, sessions are offered only by distance over Zoom, Skype, or the phone. 

If you are a new client, you will be emailed Health Intake and Client Consent Forms to complete and return before your first session.


At the beginning of each healing session, Sylvia clarifies your issues and what you want her to address during the session. Sylvia then uses the HelioSol System in combination with her other modalities (such as BodyTalk and AgapeMind) to find the frequencies within the bodymind that require balancing. The frequencies are downloaded using your energetic hologram - this is why time zone difference and geographical distance are no obstacles! Before wrapping up an in-person, phone, Zoom or Skype session, Sylvia always allows time for any questions a client may have; for distance sessions conducted over emails, Sylvia is always happy to answer any questions that subsequently arise. Sessions usually take about an hour, but they could be a little longer or shorter.


Note that Sylvia does not diagnose illness or disease nor does she prescribe medications or any other invasive remedies. Her sessions are not intended to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments nor any other medical care that you been advised to seek. Sylvia's healing sessions function to support any other treatments in which you are currently engaged. 


Everyone responds differently to energy work, so it is not possible to make any specific claims regarding results from the healing sessions. Some people experience immediate shifts whereas other people's changes may be subtle and only become noticeable over time.

Sylvia's fee is C$150 per session (includes GST/HST for Canadians). Payment may be made via etransfer, PayPal, Square, or credit card.

To make an appointment with Sylvia for a healing session, please contact her directly by emailing or calling 403.981.5613.


If you send an email, please indicate which timing suits you best, afternoon or evening (note: her clinic days are Tuesdays and the occasional Thursdays). She will get back to you with a selection of dates and times from which you may choose.

Note: The HelioSol System and Foundational HelioSol Technique are NOT diagnostic in any way and are not meant as substitutions for medical care. If you need medical attention, please seek it immediately.

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