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Enjoy watching these free videos that highlight some of the HelioSol System work.


Join Sylvia as she leads you through the light frequencies on the way to the OmniSphere. Experience the sensations and information contained in each colour frequency. You will be amazed at how you feel at the completion of the exercise!


Interview of Sylvia Muiznieks by Lisa Powers

Check out the interview that one of our instructors, Lisa Powers, conducted with Sylvia Muiznieks, Creator of the HelioSol System. The YouTube link is:

Screenshot (20).png

This is the first of 5 lectures introducing you to the HelioSol System tools and what they can do for you.


This recording presents Sylvia's 2021 year end insights and a group session she conducted for anyone who watches, to help rise above the chaos that we are experiencing at this moment in time on Earth.


Here is a recording of the August 25, 2020 presentation by Sylvia and Irene Khor in which they share their perspectives on Covid-19, Vaccines, and Self-Care during the pandemic. 


Meet Rosie and her story - regaining her health through HelioSol sessions conducted by Sacha Maxwell, HTA Instructor, after other professionals had given up.

Here's what Sacha said when asked what came up in the sessions:

The first session was the Emergency Care template, not only for Rosie but also for the family. After that we worked at Rosie's pace using sometimes only one template a week eg: homeostasis, post-traumatic stress, circulation, support, sleep, repair, tensegrity, connective tissue release, reprogram-rewire, realignment. The most important thing was to work at her pace, tuning in using AgapeMind and observing what wanted to release. Creating an environment where Rosie felt safe so she was able to relax and heal herself. The HSS was there to help.

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