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Innate Healing

Welcome to the personal website of Sylvia Muiznieks, the creator of the HelioSol System®.


Through courses, clinical work, client education, and products, Innate Healing's mission is to help others throughout the world access their natural healing abilities, realize the potential of their minds, and live more fulfilling lives.


The HelioSol System (HSS) is a holistic complementary health care system that draws on ancient wisdom and modern scientific principles to offer the information necessary for natural healing to occur. It is a non-invasive approach that activates the body’s inner healing forces to make changes on all levels of the bodymind – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

HSS is based on the concept that the body knows how to heal itself. The problem is that stress interferes with the bodymind’s ability to stay in balance. All stress causes disruptions in the frequencies at which cells function. When cells aren’t working properly, symptoms begin to develop.

What causes a person’s bodymind to go into a stress reaction? The triggers can be many, but ultimately, it’s the person’s emotional attachments to their beliefs about what is happening in life that are responsible. By using the client’s innate intelligence to find and address these underlying attachments, a HelioSol practitioner helps the client’s cells regain their intended frequencies and restore their functions.


The knowledge that the HelioSol System is based on is presented in a series of courses that are available to anyone who is interested in learning the information. Please go to the Course Descriptions page of the official HelioSol System website by clicking here, to find a description of all courses that constitute the complete curriculum. The courses that are scheduled by HelioSol Instructors (including Sylvia) are found on the Course Schedule of the HSS website. Please click here to see the Course Schedule.


By taking the theory and practical courses, it is possible to become licensed as a HelioSol Practitioner (HSP) or a HelioSol Practitioner for Animals (HSPA). For specific information about becoming an HSP or HSPA, please refer to the FAQs section on the official HelioSol System website by clicking here

By going to the Course Descriptions tab (on this website), you will be able to read what is included in the recorded HelioSol theory courses for which Sylvia is responsible. The fees for purchasing these theory courses are found by clicking on the Course Purchases tab.

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