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About Sylvia Muiznieks

Sylvia Muiznieks

Sylvia has a BSc in Kinesiology and Health Studies from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Sylvia taught anatomy & physiology and advanced massage technique courses in the Mount Royal University massage therapy program in Calgary and she subsequently was the Administrator of the Centre for Complementary Health Education at Mount Royal University for 9 years. Sylvia became a Certified BodyTalk Instructor in 2002 and a MindScape Instructor in 2003.

As an Advanced Senior Instructor, Sylvia has taught MindScape and all the core advanced BodyTalk courses (plus the PaRama Practical and BodyTalk Advanced Integration courses) throughout the world. She has also trained many of the BodyTalk and MindScape Instructors in Canada and abroad.

In 2017, Sylvia developed the HelioSol Technique and then the HelioSol System. She continues to expand the courses for the HelioSol work to make the information available to practitioners of other alternative health care modalities as well as to people with no health background.

Sylvia maintains a busy clinical practice in Cochrane, Alberta.

Sylvia's Contact Details

Sylvia Muiznieks
293 Sunset View
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
T4C 0N6

Tel: 403.981.5613