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Conducting Distance Sessions MP4 Video

This lecture by Sylvia, using voice-over PowerPoint in MP4-video format, is available for download to your computer or other devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is useful for practitioners of all healing modalities, including BodyTalk. If you are interested in expanding your client base and increasing your income, then offering remote sessions is an option worth investigating. Sylvia covers the benefits of conducing distance sessions, the science behind how they work (at least the most recent plausible theories!), and how to set yourself up practically. By including distance sessions in your practice, you will be reaching many more people who are seeking your type of expertise.

Digital Download: $25 CAN

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Consciousness CD

A perfect complement to BodyTalk Module 3: The Principles of Conciousness, the Consciousness CD provides an overview of the role that consciousness, the five senses, emotions, belief systems, and dualistic thinking play in the manifestation of disease and imbalance in the bodymind – and how BodyTalk utilizes all these components to restore balance. The hour-long CD will help BodyTalk Practitioners delve more deeply into the consciousness links and definitions that are essential in building powerful advanced BodyTalk formulas. Sylvia has summarized the relationships between consciousness and health in a straightforward and insightful way that will be beneficial to BodyTalkers both before and after they have taken the Principles of Conciousness class. The CD is also beneficial to some clients to provide them with insights into their role in the formation of symptoms and illnesses.

MP3 Download: $20 CAN

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One CD: $20 CAN
Twelve CDs: $192 CAN
Eighteen CDs: $276 CAN

Bewusstsein CD

Text und Erklärungen von Sylvia Muiznieks
Übersetzung von Karin Fechter

Als perfekte Ergänzung zu Modul 3 bietet die „Bewusstsein“ CD einen Überblick über die Rolle, die das Bewusstsein, die 5 Sinne, Emotionen, Glaubensmuster und dualistisches Denken in der Entstehung von Krankheit und Dysbalance im KörperGeist-Komplex spielen. Sie erklärt außerdem, wie BodyTalk diese Komponenten zur Wiederherstellung von Balance nutzt. Die einstündige CD ermöglicht BodyTalk Anwendern eine noch intensivere Auseinandersetzung mit Bewusstsein-Vernetzungen und Bewusstsein-Definitionen, die für den Aufbau einer nachhaltigen, fortgeschrittenen BodyTalk-Formel unerlässlich sind. Sylvias klare und einsichtige Zusammenfassung der wechselseitigen Beziehungen zwischen Bewusstsein und Gesundheit kann für alle BodyTalk Anwender von großem Nutzen sein, ob sie nun Modul 3 schon absolviert haben oder erst kurz davor stehen. Zusätzlich kann diese CD auch Klienten dabei unterstützen, die Rolle, die sie selbst in der Entstehung von Symptomen und Krankheit spielen, zu verstehen.

MP3 Download: $20 CAN

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Eins CD: $20 CAN
Zwölf CDs: $192 CAN
Achtzehn CDs: $276 CAN

Journey to the Magical Healing Place CD

The mind is a powerful healing tool that you can learn to harness. The Journey to the Magical Healing Place CD gives you the means to access that incredible healing power. Through music and visualizations, the CD leads you into your alpha state of mind - a deep relaxation in between sleeping and waking. In the alpha state, you can engage your healing process, tackle emotional challenges, problem-solve, or tap into your creativity. You will be amazed at how your body and mind will respond to using the technique on a regular basis. For more information, click here.

SAVE by ordering twelve (12) CDs that are shipped to the same location. Sell them to clients or give them to friends/clients as gifts or tokens of appreciation.

MP3 Download: $25 CAN

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One CD: $25 CAN
Twelve CDs: $210 CAN

Note: Please email for costs of ordering larger quantities of CDs. For larger quantities, the cost per CD will be reduced and the shipping costs per CD may decrease (e.g., the shipping cost for sending 18 CDs to Australia is the same cost as for shipping 12 CDs.)

Anatomy & Physiology Self-Study Courses

The complete course (Modules 1, 2 and 3) consists of 3 manuals, 3 sets of learning activities and self-quizzes, plus an MP3 download of the audio files of the lectures. Students may also elect to write an exam at the end of each module (included in price) and those who pass the exam will receive 16 continuing education credits per module from the International BodyTalk Association; please contact Vilnis at for details.

The complete course or the manuals by themselves can be ordered through PayPal, or by contacting Vilnis for other payment options.

Students who previously purchased only the manuals or a single module course and now wish to upgrade to the complete course, should contact Vilnis directly at for the pricing before ordering. Students who previously purchased the old CDs should also contact Vilnis if they wish to upgrade to the MP3 format.

These three modules are designed for BodyTalk practitioners who do not have a background in human biology or who are interested in refreshing their previous knowledge. The information gained through these courses will enable practitioners to go deeper when asking "more specific?" and provide material for physiological and consciousness definitions.

The manuals may also be purchased alone to be used as an easy-to-use reference tool for BodyTalk Practitioners with a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology.

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Courses (includes manuals): $600 CAN
Manuals Only: $120 CAN

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