Innate Healing Inc.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation, all my in-person courses have been cancelled and removed from the course schedule until further notice. When health authorities determine that it is safe again to come together in groups, I will once again offer in-person classes. The most important thing for everyone right now is to follow safe practices and stay healthy until the current crisis is over.

BodyTalk and MindScape Training Schedule

For a description of all BodyTalk and MindScape courses, please visit the International BodyTalk Association website at

HelioSol System Training Schedule

For descriptions of all HelioSol System courses, please go to the official website at and select the Course Schedule tab.

Some of the HelioSol theory courses (Foundational Philosophy, Foundational Templates, Foundational Concerns and Concepts, More Templates, and Additional Templates) have been or are in the process of being recorded and will soon be available for self-study. These courses will be hosted on my new website that is currently under construction – though this has been delayed a bit because the person working on the website is recovering from Covid-19. An announcement will be made on the official Facebook page (heliosol.sys) when the recorded courses have been uploaded to the new website.