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Through BodyTalk and MindScape trainings, clinical work, and products, Innate Healing Inc.'s mission is to help others throughout the world access their natural healing abilities and to realize the potential of their minds.

Seeing clients since 2000 and teaching since 2002, Sylvia is as passionate as ever about the power of BodyTalk and MindScape. "Helping clients improve their health and watching students grow energizes me," says Sylvia. "I appreciate the opportunity to support people on their journeys through life."

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"Energy is the currency of all interactions. To leave energetic considerations out of the equations of life and medicine is to ignore some 99% of what is happening. We just need a way to turn on the right switches and harness the body's ability to heal spontaneously.

Energetic approaches work quickly. This is the medicine of the future."

—James Oschman, PhD, Biophysicist

BodyTalk is an exciting approach to regaining and maintaining optimum health by turning on the body's switches that have been turned off by the stresses of life. We invite you to explore the philosophical and experiential aspects of BodyTalk through courses or sessions with Sylvia.


MindScape provides mental tools that could change your life almost immediately. Most of us go through life using only a fraction of our mind's capabilities, simply because we have never been taught how to take advantage of its potential. The MindScape course will move you towards achieving whatever you want, in any aspect of your life. The secret of success is in your mind!

Courses and Training Schedule

Please go to for Sylvia's training schedule and/or to pre-register for a BodyTalk or MindScape course.

BodyTalk Appointments

To schedule an in-person BodyTalk session with Sylvia in Cochrane, AB or a remote session (via Skype, telephone or by emailed agenda), please call 403.981.5613 or email

BodyTalk Products

If you are interested in purchasing one of Sylvia's CDs, a download of her voice over PowerPoint lecture on how to conduct distance healing sessions, or her Anatomy and Physiology for BodyTalkers self-study course, please visit the store.

Sylvia's Contact Details

Sylvia Muiznieks
293 Sunset View
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
T4C 0N6

Tel: 403.981.5613