Innate Healing Inc.

Mission Statement

Through trainings, clinical work, client education, and products, Innate Healing Inc.'s mission is to help others throughout the world access their natural healing abilities, realize the potential of their minds, and live more fulfilling lives.

BodyTalk and MindScape

Please note that Sylvia is taking a one-year leave from teaching BodyTalk and MindScape courses, effective December 1, 2018. The break will give her a chance to enjoy a more regular daily routine and to tick off a number of things on her personal "bucket list" - things she has been putting off due to her heavy teaching commitments during the past 15 years. She will also take this time to further develop the HelioSol System courses.

Sylvia will continue with her clinical practice, 2 days per week, incorporating both BodyTalk and her new HelioSol System concepts and techniques.

Clinical Appointments

To schedule an in-person session with Sylvia in Cochrane, AB or a remote session (via Skype, telephone or by emailed agenda), please call 403.981.5613 or email

Product Sales

If you are interested in purchasing one of Sylvia's products, please visit the Store.

New Vibrational Form of Alternative Health Care

The HelioSol System (HSS) is a new alternative health care system that utilizes a person's inner natural healing forces to reduce the stresses of life and activate the general healing and transformative forces within the bodymind. It is based on my background in energy medicine and almost three decades of working with clients. It consists of a blend of concepts from western and eastern thinking, as well as spiritual and scientific understanding. It doesn't belong to a specific organized philosophy, but has a strong philosophical base.

The core of the system is based on the idea that everything, including a human being, consists of frequencies that exist in universal consciousness, or the zero-point field, that have been collapsed through consciousness into the physical. These frequencies are in the form of light. This is one of the reasons why we can use the information contained in light to shift frequencies through a process known as resonance. If we find the correct frequency that something is meant to vibrate at, that something will begin to raise or lower its frequency to match the correct one.

For example, on the physical level, if a person is experiencing a headache, the structures involved – muscles, arteries, neurons, etc. – are not vibrating at their optimum level and so cannot perform their functions properly, resulting in the headache. In a HelioSol session, the practitioner finds the underlying causes for this – the attachment to beliefs that cause the emotional tension held in the tissues – and the frequencies that will release these attachments and allow the structures to regain their intended vibrations. This is how the stresses of life are reduced and healing occurs. It is all accomplished through the person's innate intelligence of the body that knows how to heal.

The practitioner establishes a yes/no response with this intelligence and then uses The Healing Wheel and The HelioSol Master Chart to determine what needs to shift. HSS uses a series of templates that are applied to specific concerns to highlight the balancing energies required to bring the frequencies into resonance. The HelioSol Technique is then used as the activator to bring about the changes during the download process.

HSS, then, is an approach to shifting a person's perspective on life, tailored specifically to them, which can lead to extraordinary changes in their life on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – in areas such as health, abundance, relationships, and career.

The HelioSol Technique

The HelioSol Technique (HST) is used by a practitioner as the activator within a session, or it can also be used as stand-alone self-help tool by anyone who learns it. It is an extremely simple activity using breath, visualization and tapping that, by itself, has profound general effects on the bodymind. The technique will promote a sense of well-being and begin the process of manifesting a more satisfying life.

HST uses a visualization process to breathe in the light of universal consciousness and, through resonance, reset key components of the bodymind that in turn affect all cells of the body. Since all structures within cells consist of frequencies, the cells can draw upon the needed frequencies contained within the light to correct, repair and rejuvenate those structures. Also, by altering the focus on the in- and out-breath, it is possible to redirect the energy of the manifestation process and change the circumstances of life to be more fulfilling.

Not only is HST beneficial to use personally on a daily basis, it can be used to help others – all sentient beings, including animals and plants. HST can be done in an emergency to stabilize the situation.