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Through trainings, clinical work, client education, and products, Innate Healing Inc.'s mission is to help others throughout the world access their natural healing abilities, realize the potential of their minds, and live more fulfilling lives.

Seeing clients since 2000 and teaching since 2002, Sylvia is as passionate as ever about the power of BodyTalk and MindScape. "Helping clients improve their health and watching students grow energizes me," says Sylvia. "I appreciate the opportunity to support people on their journeys through life."

Please note that Sylvia has decided to take a one-year leave from her teaching, effective December 1, 2018. She will continue with her clinical practice, 2 days per week. The break will give her a chance to enjoy a more regular daily routine and to tick off a number of things on her personal "bucket list" - things she has been putting off due to her heavy teaching commitments during the past 15 years.

Sylvia's love of teaching has not diminished! "I'm still excited to be bringing this incredible material to all those who are excited to learn it," says Sylvia. "And I'll have fun doing that, at least until the end of November!"

So, if you have been looking forward to taking a course with Sylvia and want to do so before 2020, you may want to check her current training schedule.


"Energy is the currency of all interactions. To leave energetic considerations out of the equations of life and medicine is to ignore some 99% of what is happening. We just need a way to turn on the right switches and harness the body's ability to heal spontaneously.

Energetic approaches work quickly. This is the medicine of the future."

—James Oschman, PhD, Biophysicist

BodyTalk is a complete system of healing that makes use of this energetic understanding and is capable of turning on the body’s ability to heal itself. We invite you to explore the philosophical and experiential aspects of BodyTalk through Sylvia's basic and advanced courses.

Sylvia has developed a new BodyTalk Plug-in Extension Course (see description below) to supplement the BodyTalk courses she teaches through the International BodyTalk Association.


MindScape provides mental tools that could change your life almost immediately. Most of us go through life using only a fraction of our mind’s capabilities, simply because we have never been taught how to take advantage of its potential. The basic MindScape course will move you towards achieving whatever you want, in any aspect of your life. Sylvia's "Advanced MindScape: Expanding the Possibilities" course is designed to lift people, who have taken the basic MindScape course, to new experiential levels. The secret of success is in your mind!

About Sylvia Muiznieks

Sylvia Muiznieks

Sylvia has a BSc in Kinesiology and Health Studies from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Sylvia taught anatomy & physiology and advanced massage technique courses in the Mount Royal University massage therapy program in Calgary and she subsequently was the Administrator of the Centre for Complementary Health Education at Mount Royal University for 9 years. Sylvia became a Certified BodyTalk Instructor in 2002 and a MindScape Instructor in 2003.

Sylvia has taught MindScape and all the core advanced BodyTalk courses (plus the PaRama Practical and BodyTalk Advanced Integration courses) throughout the world. As an Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor and Senior MindScape Instructor, she continues to mentor and train new instructors for these courses.

Highlights of Accomplishments:

Students throughout the world have consistently praised Sylvia's ability to break complex concepts down into easily understood units, to facilitate learning, retention, and application of the information. Students have appreciated Sylvia's passion for teaching, clinical expertise/experience, and the sense of fun she brings to her trainings.

Sylvia maintains a busy clinical practice in Cochrane, Alberta.

Courses and Training Schedule

Please go to for Sylvia's BodyTalk and MindScape courses training schedule and/or to pre-register for a course. Course descriptions are also available there.

BodyTalk Plug-in Extension Course

Over 17 years of clinical practice, Sylvia has created and used some of her own BodyTalk plug-ins during BodyTalk sessions. They are very powerful combinations of concepts that have benefited her clients in many ways.

A "plug-in" is a pre-set technique, with internal links or steps that are applied automatically when tapped out. All the techniques learned in the Fundamentals course (except for organs, endocrines, body parts, and chakras) are basically plug-ins. The BodyTalk Protocol Chart consists of a series of plug-ins that represent concepts, both basic and advanced, commonly required to help balance the bodymind. The PaRama level of courses introduces even more plug-ins.

Sylvia has developed a one day course to share her personal plug-in techniques with other BodyTalk Practitioners, to give them more tools to enhance their sessions. This course covers the following 6 -plug-ins: Homeostasis, Anti-inflammatory, Rejuvenating, Free Energy, Holographic Blueprint, and Sleep.

You will learn the theory behind each component of the plug-in and what it accomplishes. By applying these 6 plug-ins under "Other Modalities," you will be able to seamlessly integrate these techniques into your work and have your clients benefit as well.

If you would like to attend one of her future "plug-in" trainings, please contact Vilnis at 403.981.5613 or to reserve a spot and/or be put on the mailing list. The early bird fee for these courses is $210 (includes $10 GST).

BodyTalk Appointments

To schedule an in-person BodyTalk session with Sylvia in Cochrane, AB or a remote session (via Skype, telephone or by emailed agenda), please call 403.981.5613 or email

Product Sales

If you are interested in purchasing one of Sylvia's products, please visit the Store.

Sylvia's Contact Details

Sylvia Muiznieks
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Tel: 403.981.5613